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Our helpful services are available for both residential and commercial properties

Now you can easily make a booking for your home or office, especially if your place may have been contaminated by visitors.

Causes of Contamination

Contamination with Coronavirus may be caused by visitor(s) to your home or office who:

  • Have shown symptoms of being sick
  • Have travelled outside of the U.S.
  • Have been in contact with sick people
  • Have a high-risk occupation

Kill Germs

Disinfect Computer Equipment

Make It Safe

Safe and Certified Virucides

Our treatment is effective against germs, fungi, viruses, mold, and bacteria

The virucides used takes immediate effect and eliminate the microorganisms.  We are able to disinfect highly touched surfaces.

If you would like to make your place even cleaner, you may take advantage of our One-Off Deep Cleaning service as well.

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COVID 19 and Coronavirus Disinfecting

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